4 Bonus Worksheets

Will encourage you to know yourself, to understand your strengths and to explore how you can live a happier life everyday.

Set of Stickers

This set of functional stickers will help you make your planner more personal, colorful and joyful.

Reflect & Take Action

Exercises that will encourage you to find out what happiness means to you and to bring more joy & positivity into your life

Weekly Overview

With a flexible structure, these pages can be adapted to your daily life and challenges

Monthly Overview

To help you keep track of your goals, important dates and appointments.

Mind Map Pages

For you to mind map your dreams and goals into four key areas of your life: work/education, leisure, relationships and personal growth/health

Practical & Flexible

Classy matt hardcover & spiral bound to make it more practical and flexible. Customizable spiral bound: in black or golden.

Weekly Outlook

With a flexible structure that will allow you to adapt this planner to Your life